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Accessory Designer

RCXY: How's the preparation coming?
PAUL:  "It's different than last year... mas- relaxed...
barely a month before the opening and we haven't done fittings yet. Really different than last year. No schedules yet, no tickets, we haven't been called yet for a meeting and all that."

Is this a good thing or a bad thing?  
On the designer's part, NO. Most of us have already started but i know a few who haven't...
On the other hand, maybe it's a good thing for Runway (PFW Organizer).
Maybe this means they're more organized now. Mas- madali nila ma-se-set up the entire thing with lessser time because of expertise.

How many pieces are you showing this season?
10 pieces. I'm actually not worried about mine. Kaya lang, wala pa din schedule of fittings. 'Di ko pa alam sizes nila.

I understand. You can not just guess figures for measurements. It's not as if local models have standard measurements. Have you started, though?
I have. I am (done) halfway.

What can we expect from you guys, this coming season?
John (his twin brother) and I are doing evening gowns. Some of which are bridal wear. Its a more "matured" collection.

Give or take, how many bridal pieces can we expect from the collection?
About 2 or 3. It really depends on John's mood.

I've been noticing lately that a lot of people have been describing clothes, collection, and sometimes their fellow designers as 'matured.' It is, as if, the one they are referring to has come of age. It seems to me that the once favored term 'wearable' was replaced with 'matured,' behind my back. Haha. This character shift, why do you think people noticed this, too?
Reason: marketability
Everybody wants a business and not a studio.

Tell us about the inspiration of the collection.

The concept of the our collection is old- world Egypt.
The title is "Alexandria". inspired by Egytian Norse Gods.

We've seen lots of whites from your previous shows. This Holiday 2010, what colors do you have in mind? 
Browns, golds and metallic colors mixed with earth tones

And for the accessories?
Wearables pieces. crystals in gold, pewter and gun- metal.
Its a study on contrast. Metallic with matte fabrics; diaphanous with rigid acetate
Thanks., weve been preparing for 8 months

You guys have come a long way as designers. Your designs have gone beyond trendy pieces.Thanks. I appreciate that. We do things differently now. That's why we don't join PFW every season. It's because of our mentors din who have helped us, like Shanon Pamaong and Cary Santiago.
With 2 masters mentoring you, (Pamaong is known for his complex pattern-making skills and Santiago for his wide knowledge in textile technical aspect)  are we going to see new techniques and silhouettes from you?
Yup. 2 words: laser- cutting.
Silhouettes, yeah, we have a variety!

Wow! That sounds even more exciting. To sum up your collection in few words, what should we all expect from the Herrara twins come show season?
You can expect drama but done in a wearable sense.
Ang hirap i- describe.Si kambal kasi, ang daming inspirations...And up to now that the clothes are in production, he is still developing them.

That just goes to show that the creative process doesn't stop anywhere until the show night, huh. I'm suppose to ask who's opening and closing the show, since you guys haven't met up with your models yet, I'm gonna change it into this:  Where is the young Filipino fashion designers are headed to?
I think we are heading towards improving our crafts to improve on quality. This in turn educates the market that our accessories and products are, if not better, at par with international products... And very soon it will affect businessmen to see fashion not  just as a small cottage industry (and hopefully, they will soon) invest in fabric manufacturing (so that) all of us will thrive.

Fashion Week is a month away and I guess, if you are into "quality improvement", time is really important.
On a personal note, I think we can learn a lot from Japan. Japan cater (mostly) to local clients (which) empowers (their) local products. Think more about selling to the people here rather than exporting and we'll all be fine.

I totally agree with you! Local fashion industry should be self-reliant in their homeland.  As we make our local designers stronger in their home country, only then we can push them to compete in international market.

from the author
With the Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2010 closely coming in, attempts to reach fashion insiders, observers, designers and enthusiasts to find out what's in their minds during pre-fashion week.
This series of Q&A's hopes to work with mutual benefits among the designers and the buyers and between the supporters and the industry. This also aims to help local designers to hype their own shows and find out what their audience expects from them.

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