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(photo provided by interviewee)

On his expectations on Philippine Fashion Week menswear shows?
 " I am looking forward for innovative design in terms of fabric and texture. I am not looking forward for designers that will present a collection that fit only for beauty contests...(I want) a look that enjoys and have fun with fashion, and when you a look back at the photos , the style is sleek and NOT necessarily trendy."

"I like designs that are  playful. Fashion should be fun as going out is fun!"

"(I like) designs that can evolved within or inside my closet.....i want to mix and match."

On style and design.

"I want to see more well-crafted, well-fit and new fabrics in designs I can wear without too much effort....but stands out because of style"

On the importance of fit and construction
"A well-fitted suit goes well with faded or old denims....wearable without being dated."

On attitude/ state of mind during Philippine Fashion Week.
"Less ego but more for the industry. If you are into fashion ....go and observe and LEARN from it."

On which designer he wouldn't want to miss this season.
"No particular designer yet since i still dont know who are joining."

On his favorite designer item to date.
"Suits and pieces made by Rhett (Eala)."

from the author
With the Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2010 closely coming in, attempts to reach fashion insiders, observers, designers and enthusiasts to find out what's in their minds during pre-fashion week.
This series of Q&A's hopes to work with mutual benefits among the designers and the buyers and between the supporters and the industry. This also aims to help local designers to hype their own shows and find out what their audience expects from them.

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