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RCXY: Where are you now in your preparation for PFW Holiday 2010?
Kenneth Chua: 1/4 palang. Medyo couture or couture kasi.

How many pieces are you showing this season?

Whats your inspiration and how did you come up with this idea?
The story of my collection is about a manequin who comes alive and transforms itself into beautiful clothes.
I adore fitting forms! It's very important for us as a designer. When i look at it, i always imagine it to be real....
a real woman with the perfect figure.

For F/W 2010, Prada and Louis Vuitton surprisingly went full-figured, too. Far from the genderless silhouettes which were so popular from previous seasons. why do you think there's a sudden change of direction in fashion?
To be more interesting... Maybe got bored of the usual clothes.

When we hear of Kenneth Chua, we think of perfectly molded corsets and flamboyant skirts. What are we seeing this season that we haven't seen from you before?

A much structured and tailored pieces.
What kind of pieces should we expect from you this coming season?
All my pieces are constructed, from dresses to gowns and suits.
(I have) drop crotch draped pants and even overlapped pants.

What are your colors for the holidays?
Black, beige gray,  royal blue and red.

Form fitted but shoulders and hips are padded parang fitting form para maging hour-glass.

And where is the Kenneth Chua signature falls in?
Always the dramatic classic pieces with a twist

Describe the ideal Kenneth Chua woman.

Classic and modern fused together, she is strong, fearless and invinsible

Have you thought of a title for the collection yet?
'Yan, wala pa.

Do you have your line up of models na?

Wala pa. I hope matamgkad at payat.

Given the chance to choose your set of models, who do you want to open your show and who do you want to close it?

I still love the models like Joan Bitagcol, Razel Anderson.
But now, maybe Jasmine Maierhofer.

Kenneth Chua 30-piece collection will debut on May 28, 6pm at the SMX

from the author
With the Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2010 closely coming in, attempts to reach fashion insiders, observers, designers and enthusiasts to find out what's in their minds during pre-fashion week.
This series of Q&A's hopes to work with mutual benefits among the designers and the buyers and between the supporters and the industry. This also aims to help local designers to hype their own shows and find out what their audience expects from them.

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