Monday, November 30

It's Official: It's Christmas

Let's put aside the sad part of the day and look on the bright side of the living. I woke up today reading from my comment box that RAJO (as he claims he is and I assume that it is THE Rajo Laurel) left a message after reading my "I wanna sleep..." entry, that HE can arrange bedtime romance with his sheets with me. I must admit, it made my day! Christmas, indeed, came early! And Santa was in the guise of Rajo. I am yet to contact him later but if this is truly what I think this is, damn, I'll be having a hard time waking up every morning. Who could resist this opulent La Croix set by Rajo Laurel from Canadian Bed Linens? Pangalan pa lang Couture na! Pillow case pa lang, pwede nang bag! Hahaha. I can even wear this on the red carpet and I can imagine Joan Rivers asking me "Wha are yah wearing?" And I'd say: (in an Angel Locsin tone): It's from a Filipino designer...." Chost! :)

Oh well, Rajo Laurel, I'm not really into sleeping with girls, anyway. Hehehe ;P

What's black and has gold balls?
Not P.Diddy, you faggot!

Yesterday, the household bought a BLACK Christmas tree (para fazyon) and we hung gold christmas balls on it together like one big happy family. It's my first time to have a real christmas tree after how many years of living independently and it feels good. I used to love Christmases but eversince I stopped receiving gifts from my Titos and Titas, the Christmas spirit died. But after last night, after installing the Christmas tree and hanging Christmas balls and looking how the Christmas lights are blinking to some inaudible christmas carol, someting inside me came alive. I started feeling the Christmas spirit again! Hurrah, for me!

LED christmas lights are expensive but they look brighter and better.
We thought, the ribbon looks bitin. Gotta run to SM to get more!

Syempre pa, on top of the tree is the
Not just the spring/summer star or the fall/winter star, but
The Star for all Season!

Happy Christmas Everyone!!!!


Anonymous said...

It's really me! I love your blog! LOL! Jujiin has my numbers! Maaga at maligayang Pasko sa yo! RAJO!

RCXY said...

oh my gas! ikaw nga! Thank you! thank you!:)i'll text u later, they're all at ivan's pa... :)