Monday, November 30


Happier times: RCXY, Superstarlet, and Ivan Aoki , Embassy

It's been a year since the brutal murder of our dear friend Ivan
and justice has not been served yet. Shame on the system.
Your sisters are now en route to Kenya (Ivan's coin for Bulacan/ Bula-Kenya)
to pay their respects. I can't make it, sorry. It's still not easy. I lighted a candle for you, though.
I'm also twittering a little prayer for your eternal piece. I encourage friends of Ivan to please do the same. The murderer is still at large. Justice for Ivan.

Read his mother's account here.

Dear Ivanks,
We are one less,
but your death was not in vain.
It has been 12 months since
and you'll be happy to know
that your passing taught us
to value each other more.
The sisterhood is still intact.
The bonding became stronger.
You are not forgotten.
Never will be.
You will always will be in our hearts.
We'll see you soon.
Nauna ka lang, kapeh ka!
Enjoy heaven!


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