Saturday, June 19


Annie Lennox is alive with the sound of music. 
But where is Madonna???
pc: batgiovanna's tweetpic

While the rain is pouring horrendously on this side of the world, I was magically teleported at the backstage of the Dolce & Gabbana 20th Anniversary show. To prove to you that I was actually there, here are some iPhone photos taken behind the scene before the show started. Clearer photos of the show will probably come out tomorrow but for now, here's a peek of what happened backstage: Tony Ward is back and as usual, bespoke in all white suit. There's the signature Dolce guy in trunks, stretching his, uhm, muscles. And half of the most beautiful men in the world who are not playing for the World Cup are here. You see, it's all white and natural for Dolce's summer 2011. The look is very relaxed Italian countryside. Now, only if I could magically teleport to the afterparty... 

okay, i'm kidding, photos are from Swide's tweet stream

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