Saturday, June 19


Here are some of my picks among the items being sold on the Burberry site while the show is livestreaming. Not shown here are the studded pieces which are to die for, making Burberry the best show so far.
It's  surprising that Burberry decided to release their leather pieces during extreme summer heat but that's exactly the surprise factor that wowed us all. There's also a strong military/warrior-esque feel which reminds me of Christophe Decarnin's personal style without being Balman-esque.
The return of the moto-mandals echoed last year's Givenchy's, sans studs, modernized the biker look making the new Burberry man more relaxed, less formal and younger, a direction which the whole menswear are geared to this season. 
Not seen here is the music which are equally spectacular, as the brand launches its campaign to support the up and coming British bands of this generation.

view show replay here

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