Saturday, May 15


 Went to try the famed mami of MA MON LUK in Quiapo one day and now I know why it  became the oldest restaurant chain in the country. It started in 1920's serving egg noodles poured with boiling hot chicken broth and topped with chicken meat and onion leaves. My friend, Lappie said that tinstead of seasoning it with soy sauce, you mix it with siopao sauce. I tried it and it's not bad. The siopao is very traditional, not the kind we buy in the supermarket. Despite the non-aircon and below standard sanitary condition (of Quiapo), which I guess has become part of it's 'authentic' flavor, you get the real taste and spirit of Manila in a bowl. Best topped with ice cold Coke.

And since we were in Manila mood, I brought out my pocket cam and started taking pictures of the old Manila on our way back home.

 the clear Manila sky


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