Saturday, May 15


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when it comes to fashion, some weird stuff surprisingly turn out to be awesome, like that jeremy scott adidas collab. anything black and white are instant classics, like  black leather chucks. This high cut black and white hybrid Chucks merged crosswise are, uhm, wait a minute...I think, is plain weird. 

I get what it's trying to say but there's something in it that I find off. It's probably that white rubber toe that make the black part short and make it look like a black striped chuck instead a half-black/half-white piece. In comparison, Gareth Pugh's black and white platforms look  more solidly cut/merged.


toxic disco boy said...

miharayasuhiro did the exact same thing with chucks years ago. i have one from the ukay. hahaha. metallics naman yung kay mihara.

pero i like the black and white though.

RCXY said...

i just like that it's black and white :)