Tuesday, May 11


The designer who brought goth to the mainstream extends his aesthetics from racks to home. His iconic yak/moose antler neckpiece from his previous fashion show makes a comeback as backrest for his geometric chairs. The on going element of his furniture designs are angular shapes made of black, white, natural solid woods, marbles, and fur. I can see my dream house filled with these sets. I am totally loving the marble bed!!! It looks part Grecian, part-tomb, though. But that's the beauty in it. It brings a certain regalness, probably from the marble and it also looks hip and sexually inviting. I super like! I also have my eye fixed on the fox-mink braided curtains!. I can see how much dust it would collect but who cares! Owens' foray to interior design is definitive of the new modern.

photosource: google, http://alejandrocalvani.blogspot.com/

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