Tuesday, April 27


Before you proceed, watch the vid here:

and here's the behind the scene footage:

So what do you think, huh? Violence much?  

Well, back in days in my marketing class, this is what we would call  something with  'shock value.' This is the thing which you'd hear @iloveruffag shout, "Shocks!" on to. This vid nailed it! Hell, this  vid made Lady Gaga and Beyonce's murderous minds, cute! Entitled Born Free,  (or can also be called "How To Kill a Jejemon" or "Run, Jejemon, run!") British singer, M.I.A. successfully created a new punk-rock rebel anthem with beats and bass heard previously from the likes of Prodigy and Underworld. M.I.A. enlisted the talents of Romain Gavras for the video of her comeback-single “Born Again”. The French director created a nine minute-clip filled with explicit, violent, graphic, politically-charged images that come in accordance with the powerful single. M.I.A.’s still-untitled album is scheduled to drop June 29 via N.E.E.T./Interscope.

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