Tuesday, April 27


Angels and Demons.
Crucifix and Spikes.
Leather in summer and everything nice.
RCXY picks his top 5 favorites from Mono's latest collection.

 Protect your head from harsh sun-rays with this giant pleather hoodie
 but don't trust me when I say your safe from the deadly heat-stroke.

Silver Spikes on
Headpiece with
patent leather details
Hotter than headband, cooler than cap. This spikey piece falls right on your hairlline to keep your hair from falling and keeps your ponytail up and showing.

Leather Gloves with PVC patterns
Gold Hardwares
Gold Chains
Forget the fact that it's 95 degrees F outside! Unkle Karl was seen wearing fingerless gloves on the beach and so should you.

Mono-stic Sling Bag

Also works as weapon against vampires and thugs.
Multiple crosses on various sizes on
black and silver chains with double hoops

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