Thursday, February 25


From seam to film, the House of Laurel wrapped up yesterday the shooting of its self-produced moviea fter a grueling 2-day shoot in a studio in Makati. The movie starred by real-life couple, artist Kiko Escora and arthouse muse Marita Ganse, tells the story of a painter (played by Kiko) enamored by the memories of his muse (played by Marita ) in a series of banal flashbacks and heavily styled dream sequences. A special screening is set for Rajo Laurel's elite guestlist at the House of Laurel in Palma St. on March 6.  The film was produced to present the House's summer 2010 collection in lieu of a traditional fashion show . The Latin-themed collection interpreted in modern feminine silhouettes will be seen worn by the female character as styled by RCXYJujiin and Shahani directed the film.

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