Friday, January 8

sup, bro?

Don't say Rodarte, say, Brodarte- the menswear version, or should I say the menswear extension of the Rodarte we know. Loosely knitted sweaters and cardigans for him. When Rodarte for Target came out, I'm not really too amused with the designs. These, however, is love. It's geek meets Sex Pistols combined. At $2,760, i'd like to think otherwise. Lovely but too much. It's not to say the idea is bollocks, I'm sure lots of guys (and gays )would go gaga on this idea of wearing a Rodarte in their own real size instead of forcing a XXL to fit down their pecs or wearing a knock-off. If I have 2000 dollahs, i'd probably get the gray/black sweater. Brodarte is available at Opening Ceremony.

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