Saturday, January 9

10 years of Friendships


I'm glad I'm facing 2010 with all of my friends around me. I am blessed to be in a decade-long friendships to more than 30 people. The road we traveled may not be the smoothest but what's important is that we all came to a pit stop complete, unscratched and stronger. With a few exemptions on little wrinkles from here and there, in the end we managed to be in control. I had falling-outs rebuilt, long-time friendships rekindled, and current relationships strengthened.

It feels good to see friends fall in love, friends who learn to forgive, friends who made their dreams come true, even the friends who are still searching for it, friends who stand up and fight for what they believe is right, friends who think otherwise, friends who stop and smell the roses, friends who go full-speed ahead, friends who survived a storm, friends who weather a storm, friends who found happiness, friends who searches for it (still), friends who went overseas, friends who fly over seas, and friends who, like me, wants to just. see. friends. The air is so positive, I'm choking. And I still mean this in a good way.

7th Annual Post-Christmas, Pre-New Year Party
7 years ago, Mia and Anna started a tradition called, the Annual Post-Christmas, Pre-New Year Party. It was aimed to start a holiday tradition among us friends. It started out with 8 attendees with sliced celery and carrots on the menu. The following year, we brought in another friend and each friend was requested to bring in a new friend on the next party. From a mere party of eight, we are now a full-blown cult. Haha.

It's been ten years since and lives had too change for all of us. I've met with few of my closest college friends over during the holidays and I just couldn't believe how long it was since we last saw each other in our uniforms. A lot of things have happened in between those years- some got married, some chose a different career path, some are going abroad and some have returned home. But Time, indeed, just swept by.The thing with not seeing each other for such a long time is that it's so fuckin hard to start a conversation. You would want to catch up stories from their first job after grad but a couple of bottles of beer won't be enough.

old seatmates: Del Mundo and Brizuela / old cheatmates: Vicky et moi.

that's classmate Ella in the middle who we coincidentally and literally, met just right across the street

Eboy and Bambi hosted a dinner party for Nicolette last night. Other than catching up stories, it feels good to see friends in a very comfortable environment.

The hostess with the mostest, Bambi, serving the pièce de résistance.

Tina D., mas masarap pa sa desert! / couple Charmy and Will outdoing each other in PS3

Ems and Nic

us all. eboy was the one taking the pic-choors / this is how 'in-love' looks like in case you've forgotten

And this is how you put on a lipstick in case you have forgotten. Warning: this woman always carries 4 lipsticks in her clutch.

I love them but it was the most boring slumber party I've been to. Other than devouring a whole chicken and grilled liempo, the other highlight of the night was to sleep in knickers. No facial masks, no apple-tinis, no drugs. Boooooring. Haha.
But it feels good to sleep in that room again. We use to sleep over at Jessica's almost every night during and even after college. We would spend sleepless nights chatting about anything, listening to Duncan Sheik, and hiding her boyfriend Joe in the closet. We would all sleep in one bed until last night when their hips won't allow us to do such feat. I felt Jay stood up and slept somewhere else while everyone was asleep. And just like before, I woke up late while breakfast awaits in the dining.


Cheers for Love and Friendship!

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