Saturday, December 5


Here's a vid my friend lotholotho made in response to the Comelec's cancellation of the Ang Ladlad's filing for party-list candidacy and Comelec's general accusation to the LGBT community as "immoral" .

The conversation between the father and daughter on the TV series is quite representational to what we are feeling right now. We know that this country loves us and with love comes understanding, acceptance and respect. I am deeply offended and personally violated with the accusation and how the Comelec (Commission on Elections) perceived the LGBT community as immoral. This may sound overreacting but being called immoral is a big word to be accused of. I can stay mum and let the activists in the community to do the rallying or I can do something and support the community and help eradicate ignorance.

My grandfathers fought for this country during the war so that I, us and we should enjoy the freedom and independence they did not have. The world war is long gone and over. But there is another war brewing. A war to fight discrimination and prejudice. A war to fight for equal rights. A war against oppression. A war not against any country but against ignorance and obsolete beliefs.

Some of you may think of this issue as the least of your concern because you are neither an LGBT nor you are voting for Ang Ladlad as a party-list. I, too, shoudln't be because I have not decided who to vote yet nor do I personally know anyone from the party. I am not promoting Ang Ladlad, either. My major concern in this issue is that, Ang Ladlad was revoked for the reason that they are LGBT and that being such they were pre-judged to tolerate "immorality" by the very Commission which are expected to decide beyond sexual preferences and prejudices.

No one can call being gay as immoral, in the same manner that no one can call being straight as absolutely moral.

On what "moral" grounds did the Comelec found a reason to approve the candidacy of a presidentiable, whom we know is married and at the same time keeping multiple partners, a gambler, and worse, found guilty of plunder as compared to a party-list whose only fault was to have sexual orientation different as theirs?

What I am fighting for is to give us, the members of LGBT's, a fair chance to represent ourselves without being questioned and discriminated for our sexual identities. If we lose in this battle, we may lose every right we have under the constitution only because of the three people who believes that we are immoral.

If I get beaten out in the streets for being gay, i may not win my case because I'm already prejudged for being gay and that I am immoral. If I decided to serve the public and run for a seat in any public office, I already lost that chance because I'm already prejudged for being gay and that I am immoral. If and when I fall in love and found the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, we may not get the same conjugal rights like any other straight couple because we are already prejudged for being gay and that we are immoral. If I decided to become part of the business industry, I may lose all my chances of being taken seriously because I'm already prejudged for being gay and that I am immoral. If I wanted to get a house, i may not be sold with one because I'm already prejudged for being gay and that I am immoral. If I wanted to be the best person I can be, i may not be able to do that in this country I'm already prejudged for being gay and immoral.

And I will never allow that to happen. I will take on this fight like my grandfathers did. This is my country and I will have the same right as everyone else's.

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will repost this.
i feel you, bro!

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tang-inang tulfo yan! di ba gago talaga! wala pang modo! bobo na! tanga pa!