Wednesday, December 2

Fashion Against Discrimination

Ah, so the Bible and the Koran did mention about same sex relations but to thee I tell, "He who is without sin may throw the first stone."

Whatever happened to the separation of the state and the church? I thought the Spaniards were all gone and dead hundreds of years ago.

If having a sexual relation to, and sexual attraction with same sex is 'sexually immoral' according to the Comelec standards, how then do you call presidentiables practicing pre-marital sex and extra-marital affairs? If Comelec is casting the first stone of morality, by what moral standards do they follow to allow some people to file their candidacies?

And what's with the quote from Lehmann Strauss? I haven't even heard of him. Is he God's spokesperson to men? What power does he have over us that the Comelec chairmen take his words more importantly than ours. He's not even a taxpayer in this country. If the Comelec is truly concerned with the spiritual and moral degradation of the youth, then these "older practicing homophobes are a threat," as well. They should be the ones, who should be stepping down. They do not deserve a cent we pay them from our taxes!

It's funny how the last paragraph of the resolution states that they are "not condemning LGBT," like its a disclaimer of some sorts. Well, hello, you just did! As far as my memory serves me right, Ang Ladlad does NOT promote homosexuality nor do they organize orgies. As a matter of fact, the need to organize such a party-list is to PROTECT the LGBT community from the people like the Comelec chairmen themselves!

Nicodemo Ferrer, Lucenito Tagle, Elias Yusoph.

It's like we're back in gradeschool again, and these people pictured above are bullying us.
Mr. Ferrer even tried to win back by saying that us, gays, are "NOT" marginalized sector of the community because the "Congress is already awashed with homosexuals." Thank you, if you perceive it that way, so i dare you to NAME NAMES so that we may believe you. The fact that you refused, probably for fear of being shot dead, strengthens our case, that although we are great in numbers, fungus like you treats our existence down to your level. No need for that condescending remark, Mr. Ferrer. You look hilariously ugly, but you are not funny. Same goes to you Mr. Tagle and Mr. Yusoph.

For their kind to lead an agency whom we entrust our votes with, I certainly doubt their capabilities and interests.

What I and my friends have decided is to be active on this issue.

No more apologies from the Comelec. I think they should resign. I don't trust them anymore.How could we trust an agency like this one with our votes?

I am summoning the help of my readers and my friends who have direct connections with the presidentiables, or any politicians for that matter, to do something and stand up for your oppressed "sisters," manikyuristas, make-up-artists, designers, stylists, titos, and for everyone who is gay, lesbian or transgender.

Wag na para sa amin
, because we can look after ourselves. Para na lang dun sa mga baklitang tinutukso ng "Bakla!" sa skul, sa mga baklang nagtitinda ng banana-q at binubugbog sa bahay ng lasing nilang tatay, sa mga baklang natatakot magladlad dahil baka tanggalan ng mana, at sa lahat ng walang mga kaibigan na tulad nyo na may kayang gawin.

I am challenging every gay, transgender and lesbian, every friend of gays, transgenders and lesbians, every family of gays, transgenders and lesbians to give a shout-out on their twitter, blog, facebook, and newspaper/magazine columns (or even aloud) on your opinions on this subject.

No to election until these three stooges are still seated.
My vote goes to my ally.

I am gay and I am not immoral.

Ang tumahimik baka sya ang imoral.


Anonymous said...

Can I repost this on my facebook account? thanks! as I've always said, 'acceptance, not tolerance'. too tired of being discriminated.. =( -jayaureus

RCXY said...

sure u can repost this!
I agree with u.
help spread the word. :)

karl said...

im with u!!