Tuesday, November 3

Project: Room Make-over!

edit: I haven't told you my plans of changing zipcode yet. Well, I am and I am saying goodbye to my old apartment. The decision wasn't a surprise as my inner boheme has been itching for months. I've lived in that room with a view for more than a year, and as I previously blogged, I'm the kind of person who can't live in one place. If this is US, I've probably gone around 55 states already. The goal really is to get a place as close to my little Manhattan (Ayala). Old home is Brooklyn (Evangelista), which is literally over the bridge and across the tracks.

I was the fab gay neighbor leaving on the top floor drinking coffee in Kimono robe at 1:30PM, looking ove the tall buildings of Ayala.

I now moved to San Antonio Village (which NY name i still have to make-up)- a suburban village with my long-time friends. I hang-out here often and do my blogging mostly here, as well. So now, convenience, wooden floors and company won over calm metropolitan skyscape view.

Now that I have a new lair, it's Project: Room Make-over Time!



I'm taking over my friend's Helga's room. It used to be white and cozy.
Now that I'm moving in and he's moving out, I decided to give the room a little make-over!
I have the movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's" in mind when I was thinking of a theme. More on Tiffany's and less on the Holly Go Lightly apartment, though. I mean, I love Audrey Hepburn, and Moon River and the movie (who doesn't?) and all but for more "me", it'll be Tiffany on Crack.


I and my bro painted the walls with the shade nearest to Tiffany Blue and it's called Simple Melody. Yes it's a color! I got it at Robinson's DIY shop where I only spent a hundred bucks for all 4 Liters of paints, brushes, white paint, hooks etc... I never thought i'll be using up my Robinson's Gift Checks until today. So, Thank you Robinson's. I got another 500-peso worth more left for the curtains. (Keep the GC comin' guys!)

I finally hung the vintage frames I've been collecting and grouped them on one side of the wall. I wasn't allowed to drill holes from the previous house.

Here's how it looks like with boxes and stuff, and all my kalat!

faux-mahogany shelves and closet for my skeletons...(oooops, i don't have skeletons in my closet, I have sequined dresses, though)

The room is not done yet. I'm having a hard time removing paint splatters on the floor. It's not easy even with paint thinner.


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