Tuesday, November 3


Haloween 2009 is probably one that will go down on RCXY's book. Think Amazing Race-meets-Project Runway in creating my costume! I have to run from work and buy the cheapest available white cloth I can strip and mummify myself in three hours before make-up time. Buti na lang the neighborhood seasmstress Aling Azon magically found a way to put on together the strips and buti na lang there's SM for last minute costume requirements. I and the gang met up at Jakeys at Tony Galvez Salon in Cubao for make-up, and as I try on the dress, I just couldn't walk in it. I juj-ed it up to become a mini-dress so that I could make a long stride-supermodel walk. The typhoon came earlier as expected so we all have to brave the strong winds and protect our make-ups from the rain! We got to Cubao X dry, thanks heavens. Eventhough the rain, er, typhoon came harder, the music went blasting!

superstarlet with iloveyou girls

geoff as marina (mar and korina-in-one) and our first attempt to get a cab

jr garcia or david garcia? some hot dude

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stigmata and lotho gogo yubari met o-ren ishii
(i swear, they nevertalked about this)

super vez and the mummy super vez on the deck, yo

jake g and sis under the moon and the sinampay superstarlet strikes fose

hindi natuyo ang sinampay pero party pa din!

the other side of geoff as the groom

wow legs!

superstarlet and I went to another party at cream to find matt and buern like this!!!

and off we went to another dimension...

some clearer costume documentations from foxe and juj:

RCXY as the Mummy Galliano-style/Superstarlet as Nene sa teleseryeng Kinse


more photos at stickfigurerobot and jujiin

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