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Based in Manila, Philippines, The Pin-Up Girls is the first Philippine-based rock group to be signed to a U.S. independent label, Know-It-All Records in Tacoma, Washington. Their songs are being played on some U.S. radio stations like KAOS FM in Olympia, Washington and one of the top internet stations, New Jersey’s / In 2005, The Pin-Up Girls signed on to Sutton Music Group. / 2006 saw the band fronting for FRA LIPPO LIPPI at the Araneta Coliseum as they released “All Seats Are Taken,” [distributed by SONY-BMG Philippines]16-track behemoth that has spawned their best songs yet. /Early 2009 saw The Pin-Ups severing their ties with Sutton Music Group. On the other hand, their track "Jackson Pollock 9" was included in Manchester, England's BABY BOOM RECORDS' Sampler 4! (copied from myspace)

I met Mondo Castro 2 years ago (read: 1996-ish) and I secretly had a huge crush on him. He was still DJing for NU107, the station I and my BFF Jessica loyally listen to. I dunno how we became friends, probably over San Mig Light or over coffee at Big Sky Mind in Quezon City. Oh wait, I remember, its not that, it's unprintable though. His baby band The Pin-up Girls have been around for a while and I've seen them perform in Mayric's some eons ago. They sounded pretty well and they're sounding even better now. If you're not into their indie sound, you can at least, watch Mondo belt out, dedma sa music. Watching him is bongga enough.
Now, they're songs Jason Pollock 9 and The Five Minute Hallway are entries for MTV Emerge. It's like a search for the next big band or something. So, what I need you guys to do is rate them and give them 5 stars! I personally like Jason Pollock 9.

If you don't find their sound in accord to your taste, maybe these photos will:

makalaglag panty di ba???

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