Wednesday, October 14


I and Superstarlet is starting a baby project called WHORE. We already had the first ed shoot. Interested artists, models, photographers, stylists, writers may contact either of us if you want to contribute. ;P

It's Philippines Fashion week once again and I'm back at the workroom (except today). This is gonna be big! Bigger than Jag Black last season. Artist Kiko Escora and Preview's Fashion ed Ms. Chang is "Making History." The two are designing/styling the segment. Looking at the sketches I'd say they're all fierce. Hardcore and hardwear! Earl Semitara, the denim meister is producing the clothes! If I were you, bring cash on the show and buy them all on-the spot!

Yours truly is remixing the 80's (groundbreaking, right? lolz). Anyways, I'm trying to give 80s a new flava . I'm toying with the idea on what will happen if Susan (Madonna) of Desperately Seeking Susan desperately seeks RCXY or something. 80's may be a season late but Sex and the City 2 (yey!) which is due on May 2010 has 80's flashback will sure make the look hot again for the SATC fans. Better than getting inspiration from recent runway shows or mag editorials right? Man, i'm so excited! It's time to channel Pat Fields !!!
Which reminds me, I need to bleach my hair again...

Went sourcing from thrift shops yesterday for some vintage accessories and look what I found:
14-hole faded pink DM's! Sadly they're half-size smaller than my feet. And a pair of MiuMiu. Also found a Duran Duran-esque keyboard. I loves.

And to cap the night off, we went to check out Paul Van Dyke. I heard it was a nightmare for some. I was wearing tank and I was denied entry. I have to borrow a jacket from someone just to get in. Kalowka. But they don't have problem letting in skanks. Instead of Makati Police, I think they should have Fashion Police outside instead.

yun lang....

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