Saturday, July 11

What I'm wearing and what I would want to be wearing!

I just purchased a Just Cavalli bleached denim jacket and I'm so loving the denim on denim look! I'll be wearing this probably everyday in exchange of my favorite black leather jacket! I'd probably fill this with studs like the Roberto Cavalli studded jacket some seasons ago. That's the thing about me and expensive stuff. I'm always scared of buying real expensive outfits because I end up customizing them! And I think denim blue goes well with blond hair.

I'm also loving my Alladin Sane shirt which I personlly heatpressed over transfer film. And about the rose, that's a Columbian Black Rose which according to Junya, the florist from the shoot earlier, is veeeery expensive. <3

Wang-wang-wang alert: Have you heard that Wang is releasing his menswear later this month? Yes, he is, according to Fashionisto! The line will utilizing his T-label, which I predict a more interesting line of shirts like that moth-eaten hem tank he's wearing. I can already imagine it looking good on me. I just can't wait for it to touch my body !

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