Friday, July 10


I know it's a week late but as they say, "better late than never!" To all those who are celebrating July 4th, may you enjoy the freedom you have now! :)

People have been approaching me why I stopped posting lately and I tell them that I've been busy for the big show I had the other night. FHM 100 Sexiest was last night and it went pretty well until it got stressful few minutes before the show. Anyways, the show went pretty well. I heard some guys in the toilet comment that they liked the show last year better than this year- well, that's just them. Pictures will come later as I scour facebook for photos.

Yesterday, I went to sit for a profile portrait for another exhibition. The photo above was my look. I always wanted to become blond, that obviously show,so I went to wear a long blond wig with my favorite blue eyeshadow. The photos went accidentally and surprisingly good (not the above photo). Jake, Shahani, Jay and I then watched SOCO (local version of CSI) , which featured the murder of our friend Ivan's murder. Those facts they said we already knew but still we cried. It was my first time to see the murder scene photos and even when blurred we can recognize our friends carcass, which made me cry again. God, I miss him! To get that sad images off my head Starlet and I went to Cubao X to get a few drinks. We got drunk and it ended to become a not so few drinks.

superstarlet, asela, rcxy

My head is throbbing the whole day today while shooting Joey Mead and Phoemela Barranda for that Member's Only exhibit on Aug. 5. I still feel nauseated until now and it's 8 in the evening already. And now, I'm waiting for a 9pm brainstorming to start.

Busy as bee!

And oh, I watched Jacko's tribute over at facebook/CNN and I'm truly saddened. I haven't posted a serious MJ tribute yet, but I promise I will. I'm not a big fan unlike my cousin Ginger who have been buying MJ stuffs since we were 9., but his demise is really sad. Being a pop-savant, his death killed a part of me.

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