Sunday, July 5


I'm here sitting on the plush crushed velvet couch inside Member's Only - an exclusive club at The Fort which will cost you a hundred grand to get in, where I''m styling a bevy of hot naked models for photographer Raymund Isaac's photo exhibit coinciding with the club's launch on Aug. 11! This is a dream come true on my part as I've been wanting to mount an exhibit since September last year which did not happen for 'lack of sufficient funds.' This is not a fashion exhibit as I envisioned it to be but absofuckinlutely class A and super-susyal. I feel very excited and nervous because only the eyes of the rich and the richer will lay upon those images!!!

behind the scenes

Equally exciting and ground-breaking is taking part to the first-ever Manila Design Week (check site here) among other great great artists! I'm sure you've heard or probably read about this fete on other blog sites but I'll tell you anyway. Manila Design Week is a week long exhibit, symposium, among others on art and design IN PRINT. Yours truly is a collaborating stylist for the Creative Collaboration exhibit which teams are comprised of a photographer, make-up artist, lay-out artist and a wild card collaborator. The theme requires as to merge beauty and function- two opposing forces in the art world. I'm so looking forward to the outcome of this collaboration. Projects like this excites me a lot especially when the aim is creating an artistic identity for the country. Kudos to Team Manila Graphic Design Studio and to Ms. Clara Balaguer for giving local artists a chance to show to the world what they can do and many thanks to Brat Pack and Adobo Magazine for supporting this endeavor!

The underwear mafias strike back. I busy myself with the upcoming 100 Sexiest Women in the World 2009 Victory Party where I'm completing a segment worth of barely there outfits for the show. Thus, explains the non-posting for almost a week! FHM 100 Sexiest show has been a much-awaited event each year for men who wants to watch a parade of over 100 almost naked models and celebs! This year, Marian Rivera, Angel Locsin, and Katrina Halili battles for the number 1 spot. Who do you think will win? Show is on July 9.

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