Sunday, July 5


It was a crazey crazey friday night when Tina D and I hit embassy for the Marlboro Black Launch Party. I had no idea who were playing except that when Marlboro asked you to come, you should! The last party they threw was in Boracay and Santi Gold was there in her gold spandex rocking the beach. I missed that.

We arrived in the middle of the set and we were surprised to see EBONY BONES in their techno-folk outfits rocking the stage. Their sound is part Scissor Sisters, part electro in upbeat danceable tempo. Spotted headbanging on the pit were Robby C, JR Isaac, Alessandra de Rossi, and Gian Romano. Funny, Everyone was asking if I styled them It was a blast.

imagne watching this LIVE and right infront of them

Bigger than the blast was a text blast we received that a friend comitted suicide. The attempt failed, thank god! And we continued to party, this time not on the dance floor, but inside Embassy's V.V.V.I.P. room with the band! Inside was a small crowd of 10-15 plus the band. It was a colorful explosion! It was as if I was in a 4-hour long music vid! The red velvet couches and purple walls set as the perfect backdrop for dirty-luxe chikahan! Everyone was holding their Moet in crystals as we get to know the ebony girls and the golden blond boys from London! Too bad they can't stay a day longer because now, they are probably in Monaco for a gig!

I had an exciting time talkin with the blue-haired bird about their London-chic outfits until Moet started to kick in. The cute blonde guy in gold leather cape is Daniel! I know, he is sooo hot!

The ebonies...
check out those unibrows and the falsies!

The golds...
Yeah, baby! Blondes rule!
RCXY sitting beside glittered Daniel.

last photo before goodbye
he loves me!

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