Tuesday, May 18



Victory Liner Bus Terminal, Pasay City

2:45 AM
 ticket to Baguio City

2: 50 AM
sleeping old man wearing leopard print

2:54 AM
me and bro!

Baguio City

8:24 AM
me walking on Session Road

9:03 AM
me at Starbucks in SM Baguio

9:19 AM
me walking with Starbucks cup in hand.

9:25 AM
Papz shot of Korean boys

9:45 AM
full shot of Baguio Cathedral (?)

9:47 AM
me against Baguio Cathedral

10:00 AM
the Sunday crowd

10:10 AM
inside Baguio Cathedral

10:36 AM
balloon vendor

10:49 AM
busy Session Road

11:02 AM
me on a sidewalk, leaning against a streetsign

11:18 AM 
me in red skinnies and stripe shirt.

11:27 AM
Burnham Park!!!!

11:28 AM
swan boat in the lagoon

11:30 AM
blue sea horse boat in the lagoon

11: 31: AM
mermaid boat in the lagoon

11: 37 AM
some red flowers

11:42 AM
Paolo Paraiso in red shirt!!!

11:48 AM 
view of Burnham Park from the opposite side

12:03 PM
Welcome to Camp John Hay

12:05 PM
Filling Station

The Manor

12:07 PM
Pine Trees

12:16 PM
Overlooking Forrest House

12:17 PM
Forrest House menu

12: 18 PM
Forrest House interior

12: 46 PM
Lunch is served! Baby Back Ribs in BBQ Sauce

12:46 PM
Herbed Chicken Kebab with Java Rice
1:02 PM
me and my big tummy!!!

1:30 PM 
me outside Forrest House

1:31 PM 
cam-whoring outside Forrest House while waiting for a cab 

1: 46 PM
me in the sea of Session Road sunday crowd

1:48 PM
a really cool dressing Korean

1:55 PM
another Korean

2:03 PM
First ukay stop!

2:10 PM
Nice ukay top. I didn't buy it though.

2:37 PM
Nice ukay jacket. I didn't buy it because I can't use it in Manila.

2:50 PM 
Kyut Korean boys shopping in ukay. 

3:10 PM
2nd ukay stop! Near Maharlika.

  3:30 PM
Great ukay finds but 2 sizes bigger than my actual size. Too big.


brown Puma leather kicks

black and white kicks

Raf Simons (made in China) white kicks

I fell in love with this brown leather hi-top with snap buttons on the side!!!

Went around the 3-storey building and bought nothing :(

4:30 PM
inside SM Baguio

4:46 PM
Coffee at Starbucks (again) and updating status in facebook

5:18 PM
Korean spotting! Gawd, I love them! They are all sooo stylish and they are quite a lot! They overpower the locals inside the mall, which is good if you ask me! All eye candies!

5:33 PM
Gerry's Grill

5:40 PM
Margarita pitcher

5:41 PM
Margarita glass

5:59 PM
me officially drunk.

6:00 PM
my bro, drunk!

6:04 PM
Korean dude with red hair.

7:30 PM
Cafe by the Ruins' menu

7:31 PM
Cafe by the Ruin's brief history

7:32 PM
me at the patio garden

7:35 PM
toilet signage for men

7:56 PM

7:57 PM
yummy Crispy Tapa!

8:20 PM
me and my brother outside the Cafe

8:35 PM
Back at  Session Road Again!

Between 8:34 and 8:50 PM, My camera named Newton, disappeared. Probably stolen by a pickpocket. This post is dedicated to my lost camera. You have served me well. Goodbye, my friend.

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