Friday, May 7


I'm not much of a morning person. If you set a meeting before 12 noon, expect that I will arrive late, if not, grumpy. But today is something special. I met a shoe named Rodarte. Yes, that motherfuckin' Rodarte shoes!  I died at 11:15 AM and went to Rodarte heaven! I blogged about this when it first appeared at jak&jill with hopes of owning a pair in not so distant future. I do not own it now but I met IT. The owner of this amazing footwear wants to remain anonymous so let's keep it that way. Let me just describe to you how marvelous this art piece is. When the owner brought this out, I nearly peed in my pants. It was a 'vision'! My jaw literally dropped that I have to pick it up on the floor. I learned that this is a showpiece straight from the runway and it's NOT even for sale. She/he said, it still has its protective tape on its sole when she /he got it in Hongkong! How did the owner have it  in her hands (or feet)? She/he has to summon all the saints from the old and new testament and used all her/his knowledge in black magic to possess this horny devil. When I first saw this from jak&jill I thought that the bolts were real metal, well, they are not! They are made from some sort of plastic painted in dark iridescent color to look like a rustic and worn-out metal. A bit heavy but not as heavy as the actual bolt. The screws and spikes are also artificial  which  you can't tell even up close, which makes sense. It would be impractically heavy if they are all real. metal. The heels are about 5 to 6 inches. with an inch high platform. The cut out leathers are soft and according to the owner, this baby is walkable. Unlike it's friend, the Versace platform stiletto doing a cameo in the background, which is pretty  (&) heavy and has this weird curve in front. It's equally pretty but you know me, I'm a fan of the devil. This is just amazing and I think I'll be dreaming of this when I sleep tonight. I have evil plans of stealing this shoes, too. I will find a way. If and when that time comes, I will let you know, of course.

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