Tuesday, May 4


 from dazed digital:

Dazed Digital: Describe your collection in your own words
Asger Juel Larsen: With my collection "Many Shades of Black" I created something that is me. All of the pieces are very masculine and some experimental. I like to make show pieces but I find it important that there are still pieces that are wearable. The main focus of the collection is themes of medieval warfare and more specifically chain mail. I have explored the method down to its manufacture, and created a modern adaptation of the armour by producing 'futuristic' ideas of chain mail, using alternative materials such as leather, PVC and rubber cords. As I experimented on the shapes of my silhouette, I have morphed two opposite ideas: the voluminous and the slim. These opposing ideas are apparent in all outfits on the top or bottom half of the body.

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