Saturday, March 13


After a long day of stressful work and battling up with TV-land monsters who deduce your title to a mere 'wardrobe personnel', seeing them read what Tim Yap wrote for Supreme about us reassures myself that "hell, yeah, i think i'm more than what they think i am."

Today is the last day of the 2-day shoot for the promo video of Party Pilipinas, the new Sunday noontime variety show GMA-7 network is replacing for S.O.P. My new work in TV-land started out to be really stressful. It's a constant debacle on budget and pushing what you think is beautiful versus TV people's perception of what is fazyon, which I'm telling you is way below the FQ (Fashion Quotient) level of the fashion industry's standard. Yes, they carry LV's and wear designer sunglasses but they know nothing about style. Like today, we have to prove why a pink print on a guy's shirt is not gay. 

When the job was offered to me, I thought it was exciting to share my vision/ideas on national TV and dressing up celebrities in something more adventurous is a challenge. But with 'heads' filtering every piece of bangle, it dawned on me today that this job is not the right venue to influence and showcase style. With celebrity personality imaging concerns and tons of restrictions, not to mention politics, these bitter reality hinders me from doing more. I have to start admitting to myself na pera-pera lang to. In the end, I still love every piece  of the glamorous and the not-so-glamorous side of the industry i started in. Even if people call the fashion world superficial , at least in fashion, a lot of creativity is put in, in comparison to the pseudo-creativity created by TV.


glorious pop star said...

we never got to almost 10years in this industry by compromising.

<3 to you sis! :)

inkarlcerating said...

aw rcxy.. napansin ko nga yun. dont give up yet dear