Wednesday, March 17


RCXY Daily stalked the busy week of RCXY. We caught the stylist arrive early in the boardroom for a very important meeting. He arrived unusually early that RCXY Daily had a chance to interview him. "I love corporate meetings. I get to sit on those fancy CEO chairs around a conference table which makes me feel like im in a syndicate meeting." he shared jokingly. There was a projector set up and he hooked it up on his laptop while waiting for the others to arrive. Next thing we knew, RCXY was playing shooting on the projected images. In attendance were highly respected photographer Jun de leon and international lensmen Steve Tirona with guys from Oz. This undisclosed project seems to be a pretty big break for RCXY. RCXY Daily found out that the stylist has been going  home late everyday and has been working on weekends. "Even if my body is tired from all of this prepping, I feel good. There's a sense of fulfillment in doing 'real' fashion projects than that 'other thing' I'm doing," he confessed.

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