Saturday, March 27


Remember the days when you and your friends would cut class and spend the day in the mall, instead? Well, that's what I did today.  I woke up with an emergency text invitation to brunch in a day with a little  drizzle of rain, which made 12 nn feels like 10 am from the overcast sky. The day is a bit too perfect to be lazy. I could've conveniently declined the invite from my list of things to do today but with everyone saying 'yes' on twitter, peer pressure took over. As I finished my morning coffee, and replied to few mails, I decided to take the day off and met up with the girls. I missed the 'brunch' part of brunch, but I was able to attend the post-brunch shopping. Oh well, being with tipsy party animals at 3pm, you can just imagine how loud and rowdy we were inside the stores. It was a fun-filled day. Something worth remembering. What's more worth remembering is this pair of Aldo Boulden boots which I've been waiting to go on sale. I saw it again and I really have to blog it to let everyone know that this boots is reserved on me. Nobody touches size 8 in black unless you're buying it for me! I like how soft it is despite the rough, beaten up finish. The brown (oh, this you could get) version is better, honestly. It has this fading black wash that reveals a darker brown color. I just plan on having more black outfits in the future that's why I chose black.

Cheers to this boots and cheers to friendship!

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