Wednesday, February 10


I'm gonna take a fashion break at magbaklaan muna tayo.
I never got to keep any of my class pictures eversince so the last time I've seen any of them was more than 10 years ago. Thanks to Facebook, something always pops up nd everything from your past is open for public viewing. Scary, right?
Last week, one of my classmates posted our highschool class pictures and, of course, nostalgia struck big time. Big thanks to 'tagging', the names popped up and helped me recall. Siempre, the first ones I looked for are my BFF's, checked their profiles and found out that a lot of them doesn't have FB accounts. Nakakaloka, di ba? Then, I checked if I were with the group who sits by the stairs with the Queen B or if I belong to Glee. I have three close friends during highschool: one who thinks he's a robot and his mind is a computer processor, one who is a math whiz (as in freakingly genius), and the other one, though he can, doesn't speak a word with anyone . He only responds with a nod and joins us for lunch. Looking back, I think I belong to the mutants.
Okay, so after that brief nostalgic wholesome moment of discovering that everyone from my batch gained a new last name (married) and 50 more lbs each, I went to check out the "Hot Ones." Hehe.
Two years ago, while on my 'tengga' moment, I suddenly remembered a classmate. His name is William Tan. William is a rich half-Chinese-X-men-obsessed boy in a body of a well-developed gym-toned MAN! The concept of gym and hunk was unknown then so gym-toned bods are rare. Thinking back, my greatest highschool regret would be hindi ko sya, nalandi! William was super hot pala. He's pictured below, top row, 2nd from right. He looks better in person pa. Sadly, he doesn't have a facebook account and his common name William Tan have thousand entries in Google. I hope he looks better now. *wink*

Below is my third-year highschool class pic. I recall having like 3 hot classmates so I checked theirprofiles. It's true what they say, Jocks from highschool grow fat and bellies after. They look like dads na. Instead, I went on to check those who I think would look hot now.

Lo and behold, I found Ian Cruz!!! Ian is on the topmost row, 7th from right. Thick eyebrows, dorky hairstyle. I think everyone looked bad during the 90s! No Gold's Gyms and no Bench Fix Salons. Just between you and me, he doesn't know I stole a photo from his facebook. Here he is now:

Kaloka, di ba? Hotness! Is he still considered a highschool crush? I checked for clues if he's gay pero parang hindi, so poor me. I'm yet to say 'Hi,' though.

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inkarlcerating said...

ay grabus! gwapo ah.. kung maka bukaka ka naman sa hs pic . hehe.. chos. mwha