Friday, February 5


I'm def bored! Found this twitpics of robertcduffy, Marc's business partner, showing what goes on at the Marc Jacobs Workroom at the moment. Marc Jacobs Show is due in 10 days if i'm not mistaken and the team seemed far from finishing touches. Photos show that there are still cutting, pressing, and one showing MJ still sketching . As BB would say: Werq! Werq! Werq!

What do we expect on the show? Looking closely on the photos, I saw fitting pictures in neutrals like camels and chocolate, whites and/or beiges, I see neck detailings. Ruffles, perhaps. Sheer fabrics. I see white bottoms, too. Noticed a couple of black dresses, one in boatneck and one in low back. I also see swatches of red fabrics. The shoe dep shows swatches and sketches but still vague in details from the low res blackberry (or iphone) photos. Colors are def in the somber side like gray/silver, black, ocher/gold, and shades of brown.

Pressing! on TwitpicCutting! on TwitpicStarting! on TwitpicWorking on the shoes for the show. Aren't my kids cute. They ... on Twitpic

Putting it together. on TwitpicMarc shows his muschel while sketching. on TwitpicHe is still sketching! Note. Different tshirt! on TwitpicMark says Hi! on Twitpic

marc jacobs f/w 2010 runway show is on feb. 15 8m est
and it's gunna be live online at

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