Friday, January 29


pc shahanigania

Star Supremo Tim Yap is throwing yet another a would-be talk -of-the-town birthday celebration. The last time I felt people got excited was the Shanghai 3000 or something. The invites for this years party says to "WEAR AN ANIMAL PRINT!"

I'm guessing that leopards would be the most-worn pattern of the night, followed by zebra, the Birkin Crocs. I'd suggest that instead of going to the brown leopard shade, someone should wear the Stephen Sprouse colored leopard prints in gren, magenta, and aqua to give their look a Disco Jungle touch.
I'm actually thinking of coming as a bird for more feather action. I thought of coming as a crow in all black with feathers on the shoulders but the only feathers available in my styling box are the colored ones. I decided to be a parrot. What's a rainforest without colorful avians, right? and feathered shoulder's kinda glam-rockish

My inspiration is this:

and do something like this McQueen dress. Party is at Encore so long printed dress wont help me get in . They are damn strict in dress codes! Any ways, I tried to make something similar to that feather collar ...

and this is how it looked like:

DO you like it?

Ain't it a bit Ati-atihan?


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