Monday, January 25


Spent the last three days building a tangible portfolio (upon client's request). For years I never really got to collect and colate my work. How do I get work without one? I don't really know. It's probably HIM doing my marketing. Anyways, I got a call from a BIG client thursday afternoon and they were requiring that i submit a portfolio on TODAY. Yes! That soon, without anything in my hand, I set an instant shoot with the help of friends. Raymund Isaac and Ago Coronado, lent their studio and services for free. Regie Escalon Soriano of Make-up Forever instantly said yes with no questions asked. Designer friends gladly lent their outfits. Allan of Cal Carries sent me a model named Emerald. Everything went okay until the day of the shoot when I realized I forgot to book a hairstylist. We shot last Saturday and it really took all my energy away with the pressure and all. Sunday morning, I started editing the photos. Sunday/Monday midnight, Shahani asked me to help out with Jujiin's shoot with Divine Lee and Tim Yap in Ortigas. I'm gonna let you in to some secrets. Jujiin's exhibit with Divine Lee' is going to be "furry". Of course, no animals were harmed during the shoot. Tim Yap's is fang-bang! Tim's birthday is still running until saturday and I've heard that the theme is Animal Kingdom goes Disco. Hmmmm. Exciting, right? So bring out those zebra prints and feline printed furs and we're off to Disco Jungle on saturday!!! Yey! And it's also Divine's birthday season, so from, two snaps and a big

It's 7AM and I haven't had sleep. I have to be in Glorietta by 11AM and in MOA for autograph signing. Death!

And you said I just need to send it via e-mail, and now you are asking for a HARD COPY???

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