Sunday, January 31


artwork by: jujiin / photo styled by: rcxy / make-up: jake galvez / hair : buern rodriguez /photo installation by: lotho

pc: rajo'sblog


when crazy minds collide: jujiin receives a hug from tim

One thing that impresses me about Tim Yap is his appetite for the new, the crazy, and the bold. Way before even Paris Hilton could think her name could become a brand name, Tim was working his way through it already. Now more than just a name, the brand that is Tim Yap has completely evolved from the funky-looking, stuffed toy pinned, Yapparazzi, he has turned himself into a Supremo, a term he coined for himself after becoming the creative director of pop-culture section of The Philippine Star's Supreme. Judging by how Tim looks, we all know that he won't settle for the 'safe.' He is more inclined to do creatively risque collaboration especially when it comes to portraying himself. A self-confessed believer of "blatant shameless self-promotion" (please don't take this in a negative way), with a high positive energy to back up this claim, he manages to put the mainstream under his charm. So when I was asked to style Mr. Yap after watching too much of Vampire series, I thought, the best way to represent him is to turn him into a vampire with half of face covered in faux-anonymity, exposing only his eyes with a sinister gaze ready to bite on to anything that will quench his creative thirst. Now, more than ever, that creative thirst can only be relieved by constant self re-invention, and self-imposed competition to outdo himself.

Segue to his recently held birthday party at Encore, Tim Yap rawr-ed as king of the concrete jungle and laser lights. Unafraid to announce his age, he announced that it was his 17th year to celebrate his 17th birthday. You do the math! It doesn't look like it, right? Tim is Peter Pan. No, Tim is a vampire, whose age is a nothing but a number . Tim owns the night and we have all been bitten. And while he's still around, he will forever own the night, giving us parties and clubs to go to until sunrise.

17 bottles of champagne started the party with a bacchanalian night.

Tim sharing 17 of his most afvorite things to 17 lucky winners.

Birds of the same feather, party together.


Thanks for the shout-out, MC Tim: "R-C-X-Y, in da house!"

PR man jr isaac / The divine ms. lee

supermodels galore: joey mead / phoem b

and a strange guy i met in the parking lot who'd want to take home my wings.
I'm wondering what the hell is he gonna do with it?

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