Wednesday, January 27

3 people i want to have dinner with.


Make it 5. Seeing Anna and Carine sitting in what seemed like the oval office of fashion reminds me of Michelle Obama and Carla Bruni- Sarkozy. Two first ladies of fashion, actually, more like Anna and Carine are the world leaders. The two met to discuss Anna's previous statement to French Vogue to promote/feature young designers in their magazine.

Or could be that the two are deciding who among themselves will take over Philippine's Mega magazine. It's no secret anymore that Carla Sibal,then Mega Magazine EIC has officially resigned but the successor remained unnamed and kept highly confidential. RCXY can only speculate who would fill the position but the grapevine has already released two names of would-be guest editors. Any ideas? Who do you think will be the next first Mega Guest Editor? Whoever it willl be, Mega will surely undergo a majorly different transition. Patrick Ty remains to be the Fashion Editor. A position he quite well deserved as he have worked in the magazine like its his life. Who would've understand Mega better than Ty, right? So two snaps for the Mega change! Change is good once in a while and RCXY is excited on how these new creative minds will work together. Def buying the would-be first ish.

Mega and French Vogue both presents

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