Monday, December 7

Guess Denim Nation: Winner!

Friday night, December 4, I and the gang were invited to watch Guess Denim Nation at Encore (the old Embassy) at the Fort. Twas my first time to go to the newly named club but there's nothing really new inside 'cept for the name. There was a fashion show showcasing the brand's F/W collection. A bit too late if you ask me. There were some cool pieces I caught the models wearing. The new Guess is part rock n roll, part military. Very trendy and sexy. It was a fun show, with hot, hot, hot Brazilian mowdels strutting topless on the dancefloor. The party was better! The Divine Lee was on dance mode and so was Charmy. Joey was already screaming in Tagalog, so I presume she's drunk and havin a good time! haha. Hangin out with long-time friends was the best!
Congratulations to Guess! ;)

RCXY, Charmy, Divine

Matt, Jake, Earl

____, Rosario, Joey, Mike, Miley and another Mike

Nante, Rosario, Robby, Divs

Here's what I got to take home from the loot...

and GUESS what?

I got to take home one of the electric guitars!!!!


Good friends, Good night, Good music, and a free electric guitar!
I can never complain.

photos stolen from Gatecrasher

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