Saturday, December 19


"I think it's totally important for all of us in the American fashion industry to support the young designers, and I think that's why New York's become such a vibrant fashion center, because people go there not only to see the Donna Karans of the world but a whole new generation. I'm just so sorry that there isn't something like that in Paris that's similar. I think that they should look for the younger generation here [in Paris] as well. Not only New York but London really supports their young talent; Franca Sozzani at Italian Vogue supports the young Italian designers, and I think when France is so known for its fashion industry — for them not to be reaching out to help younger people today is really a shame." - Anna Wintour

Nagtataray na lola mo!

I think French Vogue is right when it closes its doors (or pages) exclusively for the big fashion houses. Paris, being the world's fashion capital, and French Vogue as it's ultimate style bible, have the responsibility of keeping their territory off from relatively small houses. While New York, Milan and London have RTW shows, the couture collections are still presented in Paris. Im thinking that French Vogue is sending a message that if you want your stuff featured on our rag, then you have to keep up. As US Vogue is commercially driven, French Vogue takes care of the brand image of the name Vogue.

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