Tuesday, December 29



An end of a decade or a start of a new one. Either way, it's coming and there's no stopping.
It's a new era and it should be named (or pronounced) right as it will define a whole new generation.

I have an internal debate of conjuring the correct pronounciation of how the future will name the year.

Fashionwise, lets not stop by merely saying 20-10 (twenty-ten). Although, rythmically, its easier and obviously, the most expected pronounciation just like years 1810 or 1920 or 1990 or the supposed end of the world: 2012.

The year may also be called 2-Oh-10, just like the years 19-Oh-5, or 19-Oh -9 with emphasis on zero pronouncing it like a letter O (oh). Mathematically speaking, this is a misprnounciation as zero is not equivalent to letter O, although the circular representation is similar.

"Two thousand and ten" sounds a bit formal or even biblical. It has 5 syllables and makes it obsolete in the age when time and speed is of essence. But seems more logical.

"20-X" is an interesting play of name combining the alpha-numeric 2 and 0 and roman numeral X representing number 10. XX dash X is far-fetched and sounds a bit apocalyptic and pornographic.

Am I still making a sense?

Let's go back to 20-X or "Twenty-X." 10 years ago, the year 2000 was called Y2K, with the letter K representing the word 'thousand' in roman numerical system. Y was meant to refer to 'Year'as 2K may sound to appear a shortened version of a monetary amount rather than time.
20-X also sounds futuristic with technological advancements and global connectivity, literally on our palms. Does that mean the future has really arrived?

So what's the point of this post? I dunno. I'm just maintaining the balance. Someone has to think of this idea rather than bury the thought in oblivion. Sayang naman. For now, the future i'm excited about is to see this conveniently appear on my screen.

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