Friday, November 6

Wardrobe Reduction

I've finally moved in my last piece of junk to the new house last night. Dad helped, alright and I'm glad he did. At least he knows I'm living in a better condition. I also think that every person who thinks of starting a family must learn how important it is to have their own houses. Not their parents', not a rental apartment but a real house they could call their own. It doesn't have to be very big, just something that can serve as their family's homebase. It helps everyone glued in. Like in American movies when their child turned 18 and leave the house, the parents keep the teenage room intact, so when the child marries and get divorced or even during holidays, he/she has a place to come home to.

Now that the moving in process is finally over, I am yet fazed with another dilemma: How do I get all my clothes in one teeny tiny closet? And I'm not taking about the shoes yet.

I'm thinking, would it be possible for a person, with my job and lifestyle, to reduce his wardrobe into a few mix-and-match pieces? I'm starting to (slightly) envy people who wear uniform to work everyday. Other than that sets of uniforms they wear all week, they don't need to keep that much clothes for weekends and parties. I hope i could find a way to solve this, like wearing a personal uniform which can be worn in all types of weather conditions and events without looking over/under-done.
Well, that's something to figure out today.

Now, I'm off to a shoot and I need my coffee!
Catch you later... :)

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