Monday, November 9

Wardrobe Reduction Project: EXPERIMENT

I've been thinking over that wardrobe reduction thing I have in mind a few days ago. I was thinking of building a more practical wardrobe collection that I can mix-and-match in fewest pieces possible. How many times have we purchased clothes we thought we'll be using in the future and ends up at the back of our closet because we have nothing better to pair them with? I have a 2-year old stack of that and they are still waiting to be worn. So I thought of coming up with a personal uniform. A personal uniform is a wardrobe you build that creates your signature look. It consists of basic pieces which you like and use often and that they actually all go together.

I made an experiment using Looklet and put together as many variations as I can using only a few basic pieces and I'm amazed with what i've come up with. I started out by picking pieces I usually wear, like tank and jeans and blacks and added in khakis for variety. It's really possible to come up with many looks by just using a few basic items repeatedly. Not to mention that I hadn't really used that much of accessories like scarves, or even changed shoes which will put the set in a whole new level. Some Looklet items are not exactly how I want them to look like, I can somehow visualize and tell which one works and which one doesn't, so a little bit of re-designing and re-shaping of pants and shirts may be made to complement my body and each item to create a distinct look. I could even start right now with my existing sets of blacks, khakis/flesh, denims and whites and mix and match the pieces with anything.

Here are some of the looks I came up with:

Now, that's a personal uniform I'd love to wear everyday. They all look comfortable and chic and it has the flexibility I needed for my daily activities.

This idea comes in very practical in building or rebuilding your wardrobe coz you don't have to purchase that much clothes. Some of the pieces are probably available in your closet. Just make sure that those pieces fit and look good on you. Also, make sure that the fabrication is of hight-quality to be comfortable under different weather temperatures and under its constant washing, hehe. If you'd want to add more pieces, you actually can, just stick within the realms of your theme (color, silhouette, and/or usage). When shopping, you can tell yourself right away if it's something you could use if you have this style direction set in mind. And since you're sure that you can maximize the items you're buying, you'd feel less guilty if that Marc for MJ tank is way beyond what a tank's price should be coz you're sure to get your money's worth from it. :)

Why doncha try your own mix and see how far you can go, and if you like 'em, build 'em. Just don't forget to leave your link on the comment box so I could check it out , as well.


toxic disco boy said...

hmmm... if ur thinking of giving ur old clothes away give it to charity: namely my closet. haha. ^^

RCXY said...

haha...they're all size 0 :)

toxic disco boy said...

tse! sorry naman for being obese. :(