Thursday, November 19

This Week in RCXY Zoe Project

Edit: As promised, here's the accompanying text for this photo entry.

With less than 2 days to finish everything, I needed all the help I could to complete all the needed requirements for the show. I summoned the assistance of two of the brightest young kids in town: Chi and Foxe to help me do some magic.

10 AM
prod meeting on what to do today

looks finished, but not yet

posted Puey Quinones' runway shots as references for styling

Off we went to Puey's atelier

And we got lost. P. Burgos look different by day

Puey lives at the penthouse. The lift is busted.

This is probably why I lost weight!

Finally! The koh-tur! Beautiful, right?

Then off to a meeting by the bay!

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