Monday, November 30


Daphne's Honeycomb and Tito Fred's Safari-Serenade

Linens, that is.
I went to SM Makati to buy a new bed frame to match my new room. I bought a metal frame with curly-cues (for a more vintagey feel and I'm planning to paint it white) but I forgot to take a photo. Anyways, a new bed should come with new sheets and new pillows. I'm not the type who's picky with cotton sheets until a year ago, out of curiousity, I tried buying an egyptian cotton sheets and realized the diffrence from the regular 100% cotton blahs I was raised to use. Yes, they really feel softer and luxurious to touch. Since then, I've been consciously considering thread counts when buying linen. So gay, right? 350 thread count is not the best but the most affordable one so I made it as my standard. As I was shopping for sheets to match my new bed, I remembered that Daphne Osena, Rajo Laurel and Frederick Peralta have their own lines. Out of curiousity, I asked for the Rajo linens but the saleslady said its only available at their Our Home boutique and that they only have Frederick available in the dept store. I went on to see the prints and instantly fell in love with the zebra-print (I'm a sucker for anything wild). Black and white and zebra perfectly matches my room! Sadly, it's quite over my budget so I went around to look for cheaper alternative hoping I could mix and match generic pillow cases and bed sheets and blankets until I saw the Daphne linens on display. I remembered Chuvaness' post about it and their little project for SM and got curious on the hype. I went on to browse, embrace and feel them. Some prints are pretty serious (as in pang serious family), and some are ultra feminine. The blue and rosettes prints are nostalgic. It brought back memories of my mom's rose-filled room when I was little. She had one of those rose print sheets (Libertine) from the 70's and a wall-full of her rose paintings. Nakakaloka naman kung rose ang bedsheet ko di ba? Anu na lang sasabihin ng 'booking' ko. Then I saw this honeycomb print in brown and white (pictured above) which looks so retro (which was so me circa 90's) and it matches my faux-redwood shelves and closet. I imagine it would add instant character to my room without having to be overly jungle-wild. I love it because it feels so soft. The saleslady said it'll even turn softer after washing. Downside is that the Pillow Case/Bedsheet is sold seperately from the Duvet cover. Eh, medyo mahal na. I thought of buying the duvet cover and get a generic pillow case and bedsheet to match with them kasi I'm really after the print pero wala naman akong duvet.
I ended up buying nothing out of kakuriputan. I thought to myself, I'll just add it to my Christmas wishlist baka sakali mabasa ni Santa Claus 'tong blog ko.

Dear Santa:

I was a good boy this year. Wala akong inaway. Uhm...konti lang naman pero I tried my best to be good. I think I deserve to sleep with Daphne Osena linens para naman I can have sweetdreams or kahit beautiful nightmare na lang basta I want a complete set with duvet. kahit hindi mo na ihulog sa chimney. Pick-up ko na lang sa North Pole. Or North Edsa para mas malapit. Tnx!!!



Anonymous said...

I am not Daphne but I can arrange for you to sleep with me this Christmas! LOL! By sleep I mean my sheets HA! LOL! Happy Christmas! Get in touch with me for details! RAJO!

RCXY said...

seriously? RAJO???? wow!christmas came early! keri! love yah... :)