Friday, November 13

The cat lady wears Lanvin

I'm liking Lanvin's fall campaign. It's like an ultraglamorized Hitchcock film. It gives you a mix of adoration and fear followed by a chill in the spine. It's like, first , you look at the clothes then realize that the woman is attacked by cats and if the woman is dead or not. Well, she's pale dead and that's the gruesome appeal of this image.
Heard of the urban legend about a cat lady who lives alone in her apartment and was only discovered dead days after. Half of her face was eaten by her pets. It's gross, Im sorry. But you know, I think this is the first few hours. The cats aren't hungry yet. And, yes! The cat lady is wearing Lanvin! Confeermed!


toxic disco boy said...

iLike! esp. the 2nd photo. ^^

Anonymous said...

sooooooper love it! i hate cats, but i loooooove the ad!