Saturday, November 28

Bryanboy x Na-ow-meow!

This is beyond getting a feature page in UK Vogue or some supermodel named Kate wearing a Philippine-made neckpiece or whatevs you think Pinoy making it in the international fash scene. Bryanboy sitting frontrow side by side with Suzy, Hamish and Anna. Bryanboy in Vogue Russia. Bryanboy WITH Na-oh-mee.
I'm starting to wonder what's with the news blackout about BB on the local scene.
This is headline. Local TV is mum about this. Local dailies never mentioned about anything. Local rags keep a blindeye. Why?
For all you know, he'd be in US Vogue tomorrow.
Ibigay nyo na. He made it.

Nice one, Bry.

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Anonymous said...

oo nga. lahat na ata ng newspapers and magazines fineature si bb except local magazines... siguro inggit sila at hindi makapaniwala