Thursday, November 26


aaaargh! super payat ko na! and its not funny. i need to gain weight! my pants are falling off! my shirts look big on me. i can hear a voice telling me to "shop now! shop now! shop now!" but i mustn't give in. not.

my goal is to gain 5 pounds in one week. tweeps suggested i gorge on sweets and junk. milk and vitamins. keri.


Anonymous said...

wow. I have the same problem, only the other way around.. wish I have the same kind of 'body' type. why not try appebon? don't gorge on sweets as it may cause blood pressure fluctuations. anyway, very nice blog, I visit everyday -jayaureus

RCXY said...

appebon?? d ba mga kids lang yon? hehe.
Thanks for the concern!
I'm taking Vitamins now...nakakaantok lang... hehe