Friday, October 30


Time is running and I don't have anything to wear on our Halloween party... Oh, what to wear, what to wear! Going full scary is being frowned upon these days coz those scary make-ups annoys people which turns everyone i know to go slutty: sexy nurse, sexy bunny, sexy snow white, sexy what have you. They make halloween an excuse to wear something slutty and get away with it. In this side of town, halloween costumes gets inspiration from runway to reel. From poptarts to popstars. I'm thinking, I'm bringing scary back .

The mummy returns.

With not a thread in site, I still have no idea how to start on this one.

I'm hopping 3 parties later tonight: One is a Brazilian-themed birthday, next is the annual Creme Ball and saving the best for last- Science Fiction at Cubao X. Thing is, how do I connect mummies with Brazil. Hmmmm...
And that's just tonight, there's another party set on Saturday!
I love Halloween better than Christmas.

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