Wednesday, October 21


i went to attend Mango's Anniversary Party a feew days back. Twas a nice break after doing those Fashion Week stuff I'm finishing for Lee. As usual, we ended up drunk. There wasn't quite a crowd but the important once were there and I'm glad to be on the list (thank you). Upon entry you'll notice a massive construction covered in black cloth surroundung the venue. I thought twas to make NBC tent look smaller. There was a runway where they awarded some gorgeous girls but instead of a fashion show on the catwalk, massive black panels started to rise to reveal a window display-like dioramas where models stood and sashayed like mannequins, a trick Guess Philippines always does like their flagship launch at Glorietta. The set-up was amazing. It was a good show. Good clothes. Exciting items. I particularly like the rock-chick window and the wine bar. Hehe. Twas a pretty crazy night, everyone were all dressed up and drunk. I met a lot of young colleagues/stylists and they all look polished. The most interesting couple of the night were model Sanya Smith's goth sister with her equally gothc looking boyfriend. Twasnt like Twilight-ish but more like The Craft in a good way. Hehe. I just adore them! Then off to Establishment for the "after-after party" where a vodka costs 500 bucks. Had a drink and went back to Lee workroom...
Chica night!

Moi, Charlie, Ash, Bang, and Moi

I was wearing an arm long PVC gloves over a shirt. I wasn't prepare at all, I was doing Lee, right. Goodthing Arnel of Jag was there to sew a pair of gloves in less than 10 minutes. Amazing! I die, Bananas! Seen wearing gloves is Divine Lee, who wears only her left hand glove so she could text with her right hand! I wore Lee (not Divine's) from head to foot that evening.

Andre Chang and my new sistah, Earl Semitara, who's giving me half of Lee's collection! Bwahaha!

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