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Oct 22, SMX-
One of the much-awaited solo show this Fashion Week Summer 2010 was that of Puey Quinones'. The young designer famed to have his clothes made by inmates, presented a collection in varied moods and silhouettes. When Joan Bitagcol appeared in Frida Kahlo monobrow and metallic eyeshadows and voluminous gown with exaggerated drapings, I instantly thought that this is going to be a collection on vanity. Succeeded by gold and blue metallic shift dresses with interesting detailing and degrade treatments, I got a feeling that this is not your usual Frida Kahlo with strong tropical punch. I'd call them Frida coming out of a spaceship in those metallic numbers. Followed by his signature pinya (indigenous) dresses with Pollock-like prints (which is a trend showing up in various collections), draped jerseys in strong yellow draped jumpsuit and harem pants and black dress with super-low back. Afterwhich, seriously constructed dresses worthy of red -carpet moments broke the "Puey-esque" organic feel. It was as if the space-Frida has gone mainstream and attended an inter-cultural party then back to her old self when Alessandra de Rossi and Joey Mead closed the show. Models carried a number card which is very similar to 1800 salon shows. Puey's collection is a mix of old and new with raw, multi-cultural and organic feel.

More than his ladieswear, Puey introduced a line of menswear in Yamamoto-esque tunic/man-dresses. The man-dresses looked promising. I would want to own one, but my personal favorite is the appearance of silver pants paired with white shirt.

Surprise appearences from actress Alessandra de Rossi, Supermodels Kuku Trinidad, Joan Bitagcol (above photo) and Joey Mead as Maria.

The show was directed by Ariel Lozada, styled by Lotho Lotho and make-up by Patrick Rosas.

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No 23 is really unique, voluminous and a mix of old and new. It reminds me a little of these voluminous pants, inspired from an old traditional pattern but with a new material and a little crazy: